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The Deitsch culture is full of old stories. It is full of old references that are missing their full stories. It is full of recent tales and stories of mythical creatures, deities, and spiritual elements. The Deitscherei is a vibrant region with a resurging cultural identity. Old and new mythology have been placed into an accessible and convenient format.
This book is a repository of the terms, concepts, symbols and mythological references used in the Heathen path of Urglaawe. The entries include the cultural values, spiritual awareness, and wisdom carried through the centuries in the oral lore of the Elder healing practice of Braucherei. Included in the entries are traditions and customs that are part of the living Deitsch, — Pennsylvania German or Pennsylvania Dutch — folk culture. Adherents to Heathen paths, including Ásatrú, Irminenschaft, Theodism, Forn Sidr, Odinism, and other traditions, will find these entries useful as they provide another voice to the totality of the Teutonic folk experience.

The Accidental Urglaawer – Folk Artist