welcome to urglaawe international

The Primal Faith

Urglaawe can be described, most simply, as agriculture-based Heathenry with uniquely American origins.

Urglaawe honors the Teutonic pantheon in the context of the Deitsch (Pennsylvania German) culture. We draw many of our beliefs from the traditional Deitsch culture, including pre-Christian facets of the healing practice of Braucherei and the folklore as handed down through the ages by word of mouth. 

Urglaawe is not a static tradition. It is a dynamic belief system that is evolving in our current era. We draw from the past, apply in the present, and create for the future.

Urglaawe Leadership Conference 2022

We believe in deliberate, positive living and work to foster good relationships with all of our neighbors. We stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of bigotry. We form our communities through shared values. Our community is growing.

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